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When corporate conscience equals smart business.

Specialisterne works to enable jobs for people with autism and similar challenges. Specialisterne, which translates from Danish as “The Specialists”, is a socially innovative organization, and one of the first companies in the world with a team of specialized IT business consultants all of whom have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.

The special skill-set that often goes hand-in-hand with autism – attention to detail, strong logical and analytical skills, an above-average ability to concentrate for long periods of time, diligence and zero-fault tolerance – gives our consultants the edge when it comes to a wide range of tasks within the field of IT. It is this kind of skill-set that can be a real asset to your organization.

We provide quality business services at competitive rates: services ranging from low-complexity tasks such as data entry  to highly complex software testing, QA and development.

With Specialisterne consultants, embracing diversity equals smart business.


De Skjulte Talenter

Følg med i DRs nye dokumentarserie om autisme fra mandag d. 23. januar kl. 20:45. Serien er i fire afsnit og stiller skarpt på mennesker med autismes skjulte talenter samt hvilke udfordringer, der kan følge med en autismediagnose. Specialisterne medvirker i alle fire afsnit.

Læs mere om programmet:De Skjulte talenter

CSR Link Konference

Responsible Entrepreneurs 2017 d. 26. januar sætter fokus på socialøkonomiske virksomheder, der gør noget godt for samfundet og søger nye løsninger på problemstillinger hvor andre dele af erhvervslivet også kommer til kort. Specialisterne deltager i konferencen og taler om "Den kloge virksomhed samarbejder med specialister – autisme som en styrke" i Session 3.

Responsible Entrepreneurs 2017


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Spreading awareness of Specialisterne and our goal to enable one million jobs for people with autism and similar challenges is our top priority. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Specialisterne & SAP

Specialisterne and SAP AG are working together globally to leverage the unique talents of people with autism and help them secure meaningful employment. For more information on this please contact us here.

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