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Specialisterne’s candidates contribute with unique skills and special patience in relation to a number of different tasks. Tasks, which other employees are often less qualified for or less motivated to solve.

Often our candidates solve tasks, which will otherwise not be solved. Because companies simply do not know that the tasks can actually be solved.

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Video about the recruitment process

Specialisterne’s CEO Carsten Lassen explains (in Danish) how Specialisterne assist Danish companies in getting skilled employees.

Specialisterne’s recruitment proces

Before we begin looking for candidates, we always take the time to clearly define your business’ needs and the tasks that needs to be solved.

To find the right candidates, we look both externally, as well as to our internal candidate database. In addition, we have the strongest network in Denmark among potentially job seeking people with autism.

We typically start the process with a one-day workshop where we meet an appropriate number of candidates. From this group we select a smaller number of candidates who go through a 4-week assessment and recruitment process. During this process, we thoroughly assess whether the candidates’ competencies match your company’s demands.

Based on our assessment and recruitment process, we prepare a business profile for each candidate focusing on their particular abilities and the considerations you may have to take in working with each of them.

The candidates who best match the criteria then enter into an internship at your company where they will work with specific business-oriented tasks.

Finally, you select the candidates you wish to hire. Exactly like in a traditional recruitment process.

During our recruitment process, both your company and the candidates will receive training. At your company, you will learn about people with autism and we will train a number of your employees to act as buddies for their future colleagues.
The candidates will receive training in your specific tasks and get an introduction to your company culture.

Our recruitment process differs significantly from traditional recruitment processes as out process is far more thorough. We consider many more details when we match the candidate, your company and the job content. This way, we ensure that the candidates are optimally suited for your business, both professionally and socially.

The duration of the recruitment process is flexible, depending on your company’s wishes and needs, the complexity of the assignments and the individual candidates. For example, a recruitment process may look like this:

Specialisterne have the expertise

At Specialisterne we have more than 14 years of experience in recruiting people with autism. Both for our own company and for our clients.

We are experts at mapping the skills and personality profiles of people with autism, and then matching them with our clients’ needs and specific tasks.

Is it a challenge to employ people with autism?

If you wish to hire people with autism, the only requirement is that you have the necessary knowledge of the challenges that follow, and that you consider this knowledge with each person.

For example, people with autism work best when their job is well organized, when their manager communicates clearly – and preferably, without irony and sarcasm, and when there is a colleague, they can ask for help and who checks in with them to see if they are all right.

In fact, this is not different from what will benefit ALL workplaces.

Therefore, our message to businesses is that you get better managers, a better atmosphere among colleagues and a stronger corporate culture if you also manage to include people with autism.

1000 jobs for people with autism

Specialisterne’s goal is to help 1000 people with autism into the Danish labor market by 2025. People who are currently outside the labor market.

We are working for inclusion. We believe that all people are entitled to a dignified and meaningful life.

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Specialisterne & SAP

Specialisterne and SAP AG are working together globally to leverage the unique talents of people with autism and help them secure meaningful employment. For more information on this please contact us here.

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