Specialisterne Assessment

Focused development for people with autism.

At Specialisterne, we offer employment focused assessment of people on the autism spectrum and similar challenges. Our most important task is to develop our target group’s opportunities on the labour market by assessing their strengths and challenges and together unveil their hidden potentials. Our keywords are respect, accommodation, clarity and accessibility.

Specialisterne has more than 12 years experience assessing people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and similar challenges.

Our assessment is based on our knowledge and practice gained through many years of working with our target group. Normally, an assessment programme consists og 13 weeks assessment and development followed by 13 weeks relevant internship in an external company.

Follow the link for overall programme and prices (in Danish) Specialisterne Assessment and Prices 2016

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Specialisterne & SAP

Specialisterne and SAP AG are working together globally to leverage the unique talents of people with autism and help them secure meaningful employment. For more information on this please contact us here.

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