Youth Education Programme

At Specialisterne, we offer a Youth Education Program in cooperation with the Specialisterne Foundation. The programme is exclusively for young people with autism and similar challenges, in the ages 16 to 25 years. The goal of the education is to develop the students’ personal, social and professional/academic skills and competences giving the best opportunities for entering the labour market.

The educations builds on elements from creative natural sciences, technical and IT based subjects.

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Breaking new ground

The establishment of our youth education programme is breaking new grounds based on our experience with assessment of people with autism. Many of which have gotten jobs as consultants either internally in Specialisterne Business or with our partners.

We offer an individually structured Youth Education Programme, where we benefit from Specialisterne close relation to companies and where Specialisternes own consultants are role models. Our school is supported by e.g. LEGO Foundation and the Ministry for Education.

“At Specialisterne, the sky’s the limit for what you can become.”

Lars Bek, 16-year-old student of Specialisterne Youth Education Programme.

Connect with us

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Specialisterne & SAP

Specialisterne and SAP AG are working together globally to leverage the unique talents of people with autism and help them secure meaningful employment. For more information on this please contact us here.

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