Månedsarkiv: February 2008

MIT Innovation Journal February 1, 2008

This article was authored by Jonathan Wareham and Thorkil Sonne. Jonathan Wareham is an Associate Professor of Information Systems and Director of Research at ESADE Business School, Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Spain. Thorkil Sonne is the founder of Specialisterne. Harnessing the Power of Autism Spectrum Disorder

ComputerWeekly.com February 1, 2008

A Danish IT consultancy is using the special skills of people with autism to improve the quality of its software testing. Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects half a million people in the UK, and sufferers are usually unable to find regular employment. Carol Evans, director of the National Autistic Society Scotland, said, “Only 6% of […]

TV2 Lorry brunch February 1, 2008

TV2/ Lorry sender hver dag til ca. 1,8 millioner beboere i Hovedstadsområdet. Se Om Specialisterne

Mød Felix fra Nordea

Følg os på de sociale medier

Hjælp os med at sprede Specialisternes budskab, så vi kan skabe opmærksomhed om vores fælles mål, 1.000.000 jobs til mennesker med autisme og andre lignende udfordringer.

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