Take the shortcut to an inclusive labor market with neurodiversity

Empower your business with neurodivergent skills and create meaningful job opportunities for people with autism and similar qualities. We know the way.


We match you with candidates with autism, ADHD and similar qualities who bring unique skills in IT and administrative tasks.

We train and coach both managers and employees to ensure a successful inclusion process.

Do you and your company have inclusion and wellbeing on the agenda? Let us show you the shortest route to a more diverse workplace.


If you can see yourself in the role of an IT specialist with autism, ADHD or similar qualities, read on. Specialisterne opens the doors to an inclusive labor market and collaborates with top companies in Denmark.

Develop your skills with us, strengthen your IT and tech competencies and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Our number one goal is to ensure you have a safe and fulfilling employment.

Are you ready for a more inclusive labor market?

Do as our partners do

Danske Bank

At Danske Bank, strength is found in diversity. “What some see as a weakness, we see as a strength,” Mette Buhl Christoffersen explains.

Read more about how this unique collaboration unfolds in practice at finansforbundet.dk.

Novo Nordisk

“The recruitment process was so thourough from the start, that all candidates in the final two-week program could have done the job with the skills they had.”

Read about our recruitment partnership with Novo Nordisk.

Copenhagen Municipality

“Five years ago, we did it all ourselves. It just took us a very long time and we didn’t catch nearly as many mistakes as the Specialisterne do.”

Read how Specialisterne has optimized quality assurance for Copenhagen Municipality.

A benefit for all employees

Expand your company’s horizons with Specialisterne. We train both employees and managers to embrace diversity in the workplace, with a focus on candidates with autism, ADHD and similar qualities.

By creating an inclusive environment for these specialists, the companies we work with experience several positive side effects. They often see an increase in satisfaction with internal communication, productivity and overall team spirit – which naturally creates a thriving love of the workplace among all employees.

Dive into our client cases – and see all the benefits.

Four hands holding light bulbs to indicate that neurodiversity in the workplace leads to innovation and team spirit

Do you know the Autism Advantage?

The Autism Advantage is the special skills your company gains access to if you hire autistic employees. First and foremost, people with autism are often experts in their field. They excel at navigating complexity and ensuring flawless task completion.

See how Martin Balsby Nordahl Moxness, with his talent for pattern recognition, creates new, valuable experiences for Copenhagen Airport in their work with baggage screening.

We lead the way – globally

Specialisterne operate in 13 countries. We have offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, India, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Mexico and the USA.

Curious about how you can empower your business with neurodiversity?

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