About Specialisterne

We fight for a labor market where potential is valued more than challenges.

Where all people’s talents are unfolded, so that both self-esteem and social power are strengthened.

We believe that all people have the right to contribute to society and that a rich society must look outwards and embrace diversity in all its forms. We focus on neurodivergent people because they are a special, but vulnerable group with often untapped potential.

For us, it’s about cultivating uniqueness and creating an environment that unfolds talent. They call themselves nerds – we call them specialists. They are characterized by the fact that they can deliver extraordinary results if we give them the right framework.

At Specialisterne, we build the bridge that connects talent with the need for skilled labor. We promote diversity and cohesion. We promote good leadership. We pave the way for happy and proud colleagues.


What will it take to get more autistic people into employment?

From negative traits to positive skills

An organisation build with love

Specialisterne was founded in 2004 by Thorkil Sonne after his son was diagnosed with infantile autism at the age of three.

With the family’s house as collateral, Thorkil started a social enterprise that would employ people with autism to solve tasks in the IT industry.

The goal was not to create a company that suited his son. Instead, the goal was to change society’s attitude towards people with autism.

Today, Specialisterne operates from Ballerup and the Specialisterne Foundation works with partners in 26 locations in 13 countries internationally.