Case: Copenhagen Airport

Specialisterne has helped Copenhagen Airports with recruiting three autistic employees for screening of checked-in luggage in Security. The three new employees bring to the job, amongst other skills, pattern recognition and an extraordinary ability to focus.

The Client’s Challenge

Copenhagen Airports wanted to explore and eventually utilize autistic people’s well-documented ability to do pattern recognition and repetitive work in relation to the visual screening of checked-in luggage. Whilst the technology used for screening of checked-in luggage in airports is developing from 2D to 3D, the methodical approach of the employees is also developing. The expectation is that the newly hired autistic people can contribute with new methods for pattern recognition – and that they, in turn, also learn plenty of things from their new colleagues.

The Solution

After a recruitment collaboration with Specialisterne, Copenhagen Airports has hired and trained three new employees with diagnosed autism. They work full time and on equal terms with the other employees in Security. Here they sit at a monitor and screen x-rayed luggage for prohibited items before it reaches the plane.

With their talent for pattern recognition, the autistic colleagues also bring new experiences to the airport and to the work of screening luggage.

The Client’s Testimonial

”Our new employees from Specialisterne have completed both the training and the first period as workers with top marks. The airport is a workplace with many noises, people and processes, and they have embraced everything incredibly well along the way.”

“They are not afraid when it comes to technology. Everything that we have presented them with, they have thrown themselves at with honesty and a can-do attitude; and their ability to sustain focus for a long time is a particularly good ability to have in this line of work.”

“We see a great potential in them. They work fine socially, and they can simultaneously help us with setting new standards for pattern recognition in our picture analysis of luggage.”


Gitte Larsen, Competence Deve, Copenhagen Airport.