Case: Novo Nordisk

Through planning and facilitating a recruitment process, the specialists helped Novo Nordisk hire four new employees with autism.

All in positions where the candidates’ special skills add value.

The Client’s Challenge

Novo Nordisk has put diversity and inclusion high on the agenda in its work with social responsibility. With Project Opportunity, which started in 2013, Novo Nordisk aims to include people with autism in the workforce.

The main objective of the project is to give people with autism a chance in the labor market, and an opportunity to use their skills professionally. 9 out of 13 people with autism, who have participated in Project Opportunity, have been hired after the one-and-a-half-year project period.

Novo Nordisk has working functions that match many of the special skills that neurodivergent people can have, e.g. IT in general, programming and quality assurance of data.

In the latest round of Project Opportunity, Novo Nordisk wanted help with recruiting four new employees who would work in different departments with quality assurance, finance and accounting, data analysis and programming

The Solution

Novo Nordisk entered a recruitment collaboration with Specialisterne. The recruitment process was tailored to Novo Nordisk, based on Specialisterne’s model for recruiting several autistic employees at once.

After Novo Nordisk found the four departments that wanted to hire an employee with autism, the recruitment project had this process:


  • Specialisterne gave presentations on autism and autism in the workplace at Novo Nordisk, and met with the four department heads to identify tasks and expectations of the candidates’ competences Subsequently, Specialisterne issued four separate vacancies.

    Among 40 applicants, Specialisterne selected 20 candidates, and each of them participated in a competenceclarifying workshop for one day at Specialisterne.

  • Eight candidates were selected for a twoweek course with different tasks and group projects. The first week took place at Specialisterne. Here, the program was organized by Specialisterne for clarification. The second week took place at Novo Nordisk and consisted of work-related tasks and the presentation of a group task in front of department managers.
  • After the project process, recruitment interviews were held in the various departments. Some of the candidates had several interviews.

    The four new Novo employees were hired for a year and a half, where mentors from Specialisterne provided sparring for both employees and department heads at Novo Nordisk along the way.

The Client’s Testimonial

“The recruitment was so good from the start that all the candidates in the final two-week course could have taken a job with the skills they had. They were all very good. The departments chose who they wanted to hire. Of course, it was a lot about the personality of the candidates, but we also factored in who we would help best by giving them a job. It’s a core value in Project Opportunity.”

Once I had found the departments and we, with the help of Specialisterne, had trained the managers that had to hire, it was minimal how much I participated in the recruitment process myself.

I have had the greatest confidence in Specialisterne’s professionalism and competences. It has worked perfectly. It has been very trust-based and a collaboration like this must be this way.”


Henriette Ipsen, HR Consultant, Novo Nordisk.