Empower your business with neurodiversity.


Access new resources and more talent.

Empower your business with Neurodiversity – so you can attract and retain the employees of the future.

Specialisterne have 20 years of experience creating meaningful jobs for people with autism and similar qualities.

Harvard Business Review kalder Harvard Business Review calls us “The Gold Standard of Neurodiversity”.

You get strong IT, tech and data skills at a specialist level for your business.

At the same time, your managers and employees will be equipped to receive neurodivergent specialists, and you will be given tools to address diversity as a strength in your company.

You’ll be guided on how to retain employees with autism and similar qualities, and we’ll engage with your D&I team, your HR manager or individual department – helping you create an inclusive workplace.

Together, we’ll make your workplace fit for the future.

Empowering companies with diverse workforce - meeting between 3 employees
New skills for your workgroup - strengthen your business with neurodiversity and hire skilled employees

Navigate through complex challenges

with clear solutions from Specialisterne – designed to empower
your business.

  • Access a unique talent pool of individuals with autism, ADHD and similar qualities that match your professional needs and cultural values.

  • Enhance your workplace culture with awareness sessions and leadership training that strengthen team spirit and innovation.

  • Achieve your goals while reinforcing your social footprint.

  • Highlight your status as an industry-leading company with a strong commitment to social responsibility and diversity.

What you get with Specialisterne

Rather than navigating the landscape of neurodiversity alone, let Specialisterne guide your business.
We amplify your teams’ inclusive dynamics and productivity.

Specialized compencies

We deliver strong graduate-level IT- and data management skills for your business.

All our specialists are neurodivergent with deep professional interests that will benefit your business.

We make sure to match you with the right specialists and ensure a successful onboarding through awareness and leadership training.

Leadership training

Equip your leaders with skills to foster an inclusive work culture that supports and recognizes all employees – not just the neurodivergent.


Create a work environment where diversity thrives with our Awareness Sessions. They’ll equip your team to understand and value neurodiversity.

Customized coaching

Unlock the potential of your current employees through customized coaching. It’s all about transforming individual challenges into professional development and personal success.

Curious about what we can do for you and your business?

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Here’s what others say

“Working with Specialisterne helps us to be compliant in our work with employee data. For us, the consultants are credible and trustworthy employees in an important function.”

Jan Vedsted, HR Operations Manager for People Operations (EMEA), LEO Pharma

“We have a new dynamic in the team. We have colleagues who look at things in a slightly different way and who also force us to think in new ways.”

Majbritt Gyldengren, Chief Expert, Nordea Automation

“It is of great value to us that, thanks to the consultant’s very stable work, we continuously get the errors, that need to be addressed on a silver platter.”

Claus Thornberg Højmann, Head of Test, Semler Gruppen

Competencies create value at Novo Nordisk

“The recruitment process was so thourough from the start, that all candidates in the final two-week program could have done the job with the skills they had.”

Henriette Ipsen from Novo Nordisk talks about the process, where we collaborated to find 4 new employees with autism. All of them are now in positions where the candidates’ special skills create value.

Read about our recruitment collaboration with Novo Nordisk.

Four hands holding light bulbs to indicate that neurodiversity in the workplace leads to innovation and team spirit

Do you know the Autism Advantage?

The Autism Advantage is the special skills your company gains access to if you hire autistic employees.

First and foremost, people with autism and similar qualities are often experts in their field.

They excel at navigating complexity and ensuring flawless task completion.

Optimization on a daily basis at Danske Bank

In Danske Bank’s central finance department, Group Treasury, employees with primarily financial education and background are doing a lot of reporting with different software tools.

On a daily basis, Specialisterne’s consultant ensures code optimization, streamlining and full automation of reporting and software tools in Danske Bank’s central finance department, Group Treasury.

Read about the solution at Danske Bank.

What will it take to get more autistic people into employment?

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