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News | Four vacancies at Novo Nordisk

Do you have autism or similar qualities and are you ready to kick-start your career? Now is your chance to apply for a place in Project Opportunity: a collaboration between Specialisterne and Novo Nordisk that aims to create job opportunities for neurodivergent individuals on the autism spectrum.

Kickstart your career at Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk has four vacancies available. Click on them to read more and apply. The deadline for applications is August 1rst 2024.

In doubt? Feeling overwhelmed by job requirements and doubting whether you are 100% qualified? Don’t let that stop you. We encourage you to apply anyway, as your profile might surprise us and fit our needs better than you think. We are committed to an inclusive recruitment process and equal opportunities for all our applicants.

Together we will find out if there is a good match between you and one of the four positions at Novo Nordisk.

If you see yourself in the role of an IT specialist with autism or similar qualities, you’ve come to the right place.

Specialisterne opens the doors to an inclusive labor market and collaborates with companies such as Novo Nordisk, Danske Bank and other top companies in Denmark.

We offer job-oriented courses that develop your skills, strengthen your IT and tech competencies and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Our primary goal is to ensure you have a good and safe working life.

Let’s find the right path for you.

SPAC candidates on a job-oriented course at Specialisterne working with people with autism, ADHD and similar qualities

How the application process works


Read more about our specialized courses with a focus on IT and tech – and find the right one for you.

If you have any doubts, contact us.

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Submit your application, confirm via email and participate in initial interviews and assessment tests to uncover possible course matches.

All applications end up in the same pool, making it easy for us to identify which of our courses is the best match for you.


Through our dialog and evaluations, we find the course that suits your skills and career goals the best.


Welcome on board!

You will receive a welcome email with all the details one week before the course starts.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate for your commitment and effort.


Our goal is your success.

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 of our graduates land a job within three months of completing their course.

As part of our commitment to your continued success, you will be enrolled in our Job Bank.

Our job-oriented courses will get you
closer to your dream job.

Our personalized courses give you the opportunity to discover a safe and fulfilling employment.

Specialisterne Academy

The Specialisterne Academy is a 12-week job-oriented course for people with autism and similar qualities who have a flair for IT and tech.

Our goal is to develop your professional skills and improve your career opportunities through personalized training and mentoring.

SPAC candidates on a job-oriented course at Specialisterne working with people with autism, ADHD and similar qualities

Job Bank at Specialisterne

At Specialisterne, we continuously recruit talent for a wide range of companies, including Novo Nordisk and CPH Airport. With our job bank, you get access to unique job opportunities that match your special qualities.

Send an unsolicited application and increase your chances of finding your next dream job.

Please note that you will only be contacted should we find a match with an open position.

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Specialisterne Academy

“There is a huge difference between university and the real world. Specialisterne Academy shows a selection of the issues and subject areas that different companies have in their context.” Simon Maibom, former academic at Specialisterne.

The Specialisterne Academy builds the bridge from an education, where the emphasis is on theoretical knowledge, to the real world, where you have to use your knowledge to solve specific problems.

Specialisterne Academy

“I have been professionally upgraded and know more about what I want to do with my working life.” William Geismar, former Specialisterne Academy student.

William Geismar, a software developer specializing in healthcare technology and a Specialisterne Academy student, was subsequently offered a position at the Danish Agency for Digitization.

Specialisterne Academy

“It was a very positive change to go from sitting alone to being with others. At first we were all very quiet, but now we talk to each other.

We also have a purpose for talking to each other because we’re working on the same task. Then it makes sense.” Mathias Gustafson, former academic at Specialisterne.