Peter Lund Madsen ved Specialisternes 20 års jubilæum i Prinsens Palæ

Has society’s demand for skilled labor become too narrow?

12. Jun 2024

Peter Lund Madsen knows what he’s talking about when it comes to neurodiversity. As a neuroscientist, doctor and author, he focuses on how diversity is essential for a dynamic and innovative society.

He speaks of the challenge of society’s narrow demands on the labor market – ultimately resulting in a loss of skilled labor.

Hear how Peter Lund Madsen sees technological development as a unique opportunity to adapt workplaces to individual needs. And how it can enrich both the work environment and society as a whole

All video recordings were produced at Specialisternes’ 20th anniversary in Prinsens Palæ on April 9th, 2024. All videos are shared with the consent of the participants.

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