Poornima Luthra ved Specialisternes 20 års jubilæum i Prinsens Palæ i København i april 2024

How do we break bias in the recruitment process?

12. Jun 2024

Do you know “The cookie cutter syndrome”?

Poornima Luthra, CBS associate professor, speaker and leading expert on inclusion, introduces her “cookie cutter” theory to shed light on how bias is crucial in recruitment and hiring processes.

With a PhD in diversity and many years of experience as an educator and researcher, she sheds light on how we can address the future talent pools of Generation Z and Alpha. Generations who place increasing demands on companies to make conscious choices. For example, when it comes to meeting the needs of neurodivergent employees.

All video recordings were produced at Specialisternes’ 20th anniversary in the Prince’s Palace on April 9, 2024. All videos are shared with the consent of the participants.

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