Carsten Lassen til velkomsttalen ved Specialisternes 20 års jubilæum i Prinsens Palæ i København.

It’s up to the geeks to save the world.

12. Jun 2024

Carsten Lassen, CEO of Specialisterne, welcomes you to a day dedicated to neurodiversity.

At once a celebration and a call to action. Specialisterne turns 20 years old in 2024, and with this anniversary, we once again emphasize that “it’s the nerds who will save the world”.

Learn how diversity ensures creativity, innovation and development – and how you can be part of the journey.

All video recordings were produced at Specialisternes’ 20th anniversary in Prinsens Palæ on April 9th, 2024. All videos are shared with the consent of the participants.

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