Specialisterne Academy was the way out of unemployment for Simon Maibom

3. Mar 2022

It took some time for Simon Maibom to be allowed to start a course at Specialisterne Academy, but there is no doubt that it was a good investment for all parties to give him a course at Specialisterne Academy.. Simon Maibom now has a full-time job as a consultant at Specialisterne.

From unemployed to full-time job

Without a completed master’s thesis, Simon Maibom spent a few years out of the job market because he was struggling to find his niche. He was diagnosed late and therefore didn’t have the necessary tools and support during his education:

“The other projects in computer science were group-based, but you write your thesis alone. And because I hadn’t been diagnosed yet, I didn’t have the tools to create the necessary structure. At the same time, I moved around a lot during that period because I could no longer live in the dormitory. And that took a lot of my energy because everything was unpredictable.”

After dropping out of education, Simon Maibom spent two years in a job center program, where he got nowhere.

Simon refreshed his skills at Specialisterne Academy

During the two years he was out of the labor market, he felt he lost some of his professional edge. Partly because he didn’t deal with it on a daily basis, but also because the field is evolving.

It wasn’t until Specialisterne Academy that he got both the professional ballast and daily structure needed to get a job.

In the Specialisterne Academy, candidates are given specific tasks that companies have previously assigned to Specialisterne’s consulting department. In this way, Simons Maibom’s professional edge was restored – he got to test himself on several different types of problems and ways of solving them.

“It was good to refresh my skills, and it was great having something to wake up to, so I had the change to figur out actually how much I was able to work. In the beginning I was on reduced hours, but now I’m full time. It was great to discover that I could do it.”

Problem solving is the path to motivation

It’s clear that Simon Maibom loves to crack the nut – to solve a problem. It makes a task meaningful – and then he is motivated to solve it.

“Computer science is a very problem-solving oriented education. And at Specialisterne Academy, I got a refresher course in how to solve the problem in front of me. Because that’s how it works in companies – there is a concrete challenge that we need to solve.”

Specialisterne Academy bridges the gap between education and the labor market

In this way, Specialisterne Academy acts as a bridge from education, where the emphasis is on theoretical knowledge, to the real world, where you need to use your knowledge to solve specific problems.

Simons Maibom’s experience is that through Specialisterne Academy, he has been able to connect his skills to the needs of companies:

“There is a huge difference between university and the real world. Specialisterne Academy shows a selection of the issues and subject areas that different companies have in their context.”

This bridge-building is a crucial factor in Simon Maibom’s current work as a consultant for Specialisterne. His current tasks include building a database for CBS to generate knowledge about trends in the annual reports that companies submit to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

In the long term, he hopes to work with software development:

“I want to do software development, I don’t want to do research. With software development, you have a specific problem you need to crack and create a tool for that problem.”