Become a volunteer mentor for a neurodivergent consultant.

Make a difference for one of Specialisterne’s neurodivergent consultants while learning more about yourself and your skills.

The mentor corps is based on Zealand

Make a difference for Specialisterne consultants

As part of Specialisterne’s volunteer mentor corps, you will act as a mentor and guide. The relationship will make an active difference to the mentee’s daily life, but will also give you as a mentor a broader understanding of neurodiversity and neurodivergent people, and make you more aware of yourself and your competencies. In this way, you create a positive development for both your mentee and yourself.

How do I benefit from being a volunteer mentor?
  • As a volunteer mentor at Specialisterne, you learn about yourself and your mentee. Among other things, you develop your ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, gain greater insight into your own communication skills and make a big difference to another person.
  • You become part of a network of other mentors and mentees.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to share your current and newly acquired knowledge while creating new life experiences.
  • You help build a mutually meaningful relationship and make a huge difference for your mentee.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to strengthen and develop your skills and your CV.
What does mentoring entail?
  • The mentee’s thoughts and issues are in focus, and thus your role is to act as a curious and supportive buddy, so that the mentee feels that he/she is met where he/she needs to be. Therefore, you also take an exploratory approach so that you can sense when you need to be encouraging or understanding, for example.
  • As a mentor, you are open to being asked questions about anything and everything that might be on the mentee’s mind, but remember that you don’t necessarily have to be able to answer everything.
  • For example: How do I start exercising? How do I balance my work and leisure life? Why is it so hard to be around a lot of people? Is it ok to be social via gaming instead of going out?
How do I get prepared for the mentoring role?
  • At the start of your volunteer mentorship, you will participate in a 3-hour introductory course where you will acquire knowledge, skills and competencies in relation to being a mentor and working with neurodivergent people.
  • You will receive expert coaching and supervision on the mentoring role.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in social events and meet other mentors and mentees.
Who can become a volunteer mentor?
  • You can meet the mentee at eye level and are curious about their situation
  • You are empathetic, listening, supportive and motivating
  • You have a clean criminal record (searh on
  • You can meet the mentee 2-4 times a month of approx. 1 hour duration, with the intention of the program lasting min. 8 months

Meet Lone, who mentors one of our consultants

Become a volunteer mentor

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor, please apply by sending an email to with your contact details and a few words about why you want to become a mentor with us. Feel free to include your CV.

Once you have applied via email, you will be contacted by the mentor corps contact person.

You do not commit to anything by applying.

What happens after you apply

  1. You will be contacted by the mentor corps contact person. Together you will assess whether the role as a volunteer mentor is right for you.
  2. Specialisterne will invite you to a 3-hour introductory course where you will be prepared to be a volunteer mentor.
  3. You will meet the person you will be mentoring.