Mette Buhl og Trille Frodelund Lykke til Specialisternes 20 års jubilæum

What demands will the next generation make on leadership in the workplace?

12. Jun 2024

Mette Buhl, D&I Lead at Danske Bank, talks to Trille Frodelund Lykke, partner at Newstories, highlighting what it takes for a company to engage neurodivergent employees.

They talk about the rights debate, situational leadership – and predict that a general structural change in society is needed to meet the next generation’s demands on business leaders.

Hear their suggestions, and their own experiences, on how to make the labor market more inclusive – and how to change the narrative to focus on candidates’ skills rather than their challenges.

All video recordings were produced at Specialisternes’ 20th anniversary in the Prince’s Palace on April 9, 2024. All videos are shared with the consent of the participants.

Learn more about Specialisternes’ collaboration with Danske Bank: Danske Bank hires specialists with different brains. (article in Danish)

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