Specialisterne Academy: Bridging the Gulf Between an IT-Education and Employment

7. okt 2021

Specialisterne Academy: Bridging the Gulf Between an IT-Education and Employment

7. okt 2021 | Til jobsøgende

If you have recently finished your higher education or are recently unemployed, the road to employment can be difficult to maneuver.

This is true for everyone. However, it is especially hard to find work if you are autistic or have similar qualities.


What is Specialisterne Academy?

Specialisterne Academy is a new initiative, aimed at tackling the obstacles to employment described above.

Specialisterne Academy is a 12 week training program aimed at people who have either recently finished their IT-educations or people with an IT-background who have recently become unemployed. During the 12 weeks, the candidates will receive training that hones and specialises their specific skill set. The given training tasks are recent business cases – this makes the 12 week program extremely timely and relevant to the current needs of potential employers.

What is the output of the 12 week programme?

During the 12 weeks, the candidate will be tested and trained in recent business cases supplied by Specialisterne’s Consulting department. The recent business cases are very effective ways to:

  1. Assess and describe the candidate’s specific skills
  2. Sharpen and specialise their skills
  3. Further develop the candidate’s skills, readying them for employment

How we assess and develop specific skills

In Specialisterne Academy, the candidates will be tested and further specialised in four different areas of expertise: 1. Data processing, 2. Testing, 3 Development and 4. DevOps. During the initial assessment of the candidate, their skills within each of the four areas of expertise will be tested. When it is clear in which of the four areas of expertise the candidate excels, they are given more business cases to work on within that area of expertise. Within the 12 weeks, the skills of the candidate are thus both developed and further specialised. The recent business cases supplied by the Consulting Department is a very effective way of building skills within a specific field of expertise.

How we describe the candidate’s skills

At the end of the 12 week training program, our candidates will be given a detailed competency report that recommends which types of jobs the candidate is best suited for. With this in hand, the candidate has a much stronger platform to apply for positions. Firstly because they have more skills at the end of the 12 weeks, secondly because they know exactly what positions and titles to look for, when looking at job ads.

A typical example of how to go from Specialisterne Academy to employment:

A candidate came to us as a newly minted Computer Scientist. This is a very generalised IT-education, and further explorations of his specific skill set were needed. During the assessment it was revealed that he was a strong Java developer and especially skilled at keeping tabs on very complex systems. With the help of the Specialisterne Academy program, he is now employed at NetCompany.

Some of the candidates are recruited to Specialisterne’s Consulting Department. They work as consultants for companies in the greater Copenhagen area, either on site at the company or at Specialisterne’s headquarters in Ballerup.

Who can apply to be part of the Specialisterne Academy programme?

Personal profile:

Due to the short and intense trajectory of the 12-week program, it is essential that the candidate has sufficient mental resources to cope with a work-load resembling full time employment.

Specialisterne is known for working with autistic people. But you are not required to have an official diagnosis to be a candidate with Specialisterne Academy. Instead, it is important that you identify with the profile associated with autism, i.e. being detail-oriented, having deep knowledge and preferring a quiet and predictable work day.

Skill profile:

Specialister Academy is aimed at the IT sector, especially the four specialised areas of expertise: 1. Data processing, 2. Testing, 3 Development and 4. DevOps (you can find a more detailed description of the four areas at the end of this text).

However, it is not necessary to have a finished IT degree to be a successful candidate with us. Some people come to us with partial degrees and have successfully gained employment afterwards.

An example of this is a candidate who came to us with a degree in economics. During the skill assessment it became apparent that the candidate was very skilled at data processing. During the Academy program he was trained in Python, a programming language for data processing. Today, he works at the Danish Institute for Human Rights, doing manual and automated data processing.

How to become a candidate with Specialisterne Academy:

Specialisterne Academy is approved by the Capital Region of Denmark (Region Hovedstaden) as a legitimate job training program. This makes it easier for your local employment services (Jobcenter) at the city council to approve and finance your candidacy with us. If you are interested in becoming a candidate with us, you can contact our Visitation Manager Mie Mortensen at [email protected] or at + 45 28 30 87 34. She will guide you and your city council case worker through the application process.

Description of the four specialised areas of expertise:

During the 12 week programme, the Academy candidates will work on improving their skills within these four areas of expertise that Specialisterne’s consultants work with in Consulting:

Data processing: including manual and automated data processing, script programming and data analysis.

Testing: Functional testing, technical testing and automation testing.

Development: Junior, senior or expert level development within C#, Java, Python, Php, Javascript, SQL, etc.

DevOps: DevOps technician, DevOps specialist and Build/release manager.


Specialisterne Academy will help you bridge the gap between your expertise and employment.