Specialisterne Solutions – The Past Year

16. dec 2021

Specialisterne Solutions – The Past Year

16. dec 2021 | Uncategorized @da

We are all unique. Which is why we must treat people differently in order to give everyone the same possibilities. The companies we cooporate with are starting to realise this. Which is why we are hopeful Denmark as a whole will join these companies in the years to come. That is what Specialisterne are fighting for!

We look forward to embracing 2022 – we are as ready as we have ever been.”

Carsten Lassen, Managing Director at Specialisterne


Thank you for the past year – we look forward to 2022

In this Christmas greeting, Specialisterne looks back at 2021 – and into the coming year.

At Specialisterne Solutions, we are proud of all the things that we have achieved in the past year. We are especially proud of our new service “Specialisterne Academy” that provides employment training and opportunities for neurodivergent IT candidates looking for work.

You can read the extended version of the Christmas greeting from Specialisterne here.

Two Specialisterne departments

In 2021, we divided Specialisterne into two departments: Specialisterne and Specialisterne Solutions. Specialisterne Solutions focuses on the services we offer companies: consultants, recruitment and our Management Program. This insight describes how we have included autistic employees in Danish companies through the means of recruitment processes, our Management Programs, consultants and Specialisterne Academy. You can read our Christmas greeting from the non-cooporate department of Specialisterne here.

Specialisterne Solutions – what we do

Specialisterne Solutions is the company-oriented umbrella organisation that includes our Management Program, consultancy department, recruitment activities and Specialisterne Academy. In 2021, Specialisterne Solutions had a turnover of € 1.6 million. We look forward to creating even more value for Danish companies in 2022.

In 2021, Specialisterne Solutions established their own website, www.specialisternesolutions.dk, enabling us to communicate more directly with our target group: the companies.

Management Program

The Management Program is our way of creating inclusion of neurodivergent (mainly autistic) talents within the companies through management guidance. As an example, we carried out an exciting recruitment process for the company Grundfos in Hungary, hiring five employees. We look forward to a recruitment co-operation with a large, Danish company taking place in 2022.

IT consultants

In 2021, our consultancy department did very well. We were able to get another eight talented consultants on board. They are all autistic or have similar qualities. They are primarely solving IT-tasks for Danish companies.

Specialisterne Academy

Specialisterne Academy was established in 2021 because Specialisterne observed a large number of unemployed autistic people with IT backgrounds struggling to gain employment. All while the labour market is severely lacking qualified IT candidates.

During 2021, 30 talented IT-candidates received training that increased their skill level, enabling many of them to land jobs. Our hope for 2022 is to be able to offer this process to at least 30-40 more candidates.

In 2022, our candidates will have a better chance of joining Specialisterne Academy, as the service has been approved by the Capital Region of Denmark (Region Hovedstaden) as a legitimate job training program.

Specialisterne Innovation

The recently established Innovation Department at Specialisterne has kept busy in 2021 with three large projects developed in co-operation with Specialisterne Foundation:

”Learning and Inclusion through Play” is a pilot project developed by Specialisterne Foundation in co-operation with LEGO Foundation. The goal is to create successful inclusion, welfare and learning for children. In 2022, Specialisterne Innovation will upgrade and expand this project.

In co-operation with Specialisterne Foundation, “inclusion agents” will create inclusion of neurodivergent people in companies located in northern Jutland.

WIN-WITH-U is a EU project aiming at creating a model for improved inclusion of autistic people within the European labour market.

Mentor Corps

Just like the rest of Denmark, the consultants at Specialisterne were affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. The social isolation that we all experienced hit our consultants especially hard. Which is why we have established a volunteer Mentor Corps here at Specialisterne Solutions. During 2021, 10 mentees have met up with their mentors on nature walks, during which topics ranging everywhere from healthy diets to love and loneliness have been discussed. Our mentees report that the opportunity to talk about the things weighing them down has had a big positive effect on their wellbeing.

Specialisterne are building the bridge that connects talents with the need for qualified manpower.